Solar cells generate 100% green energy, this way, you can contribute in the reduction of pollution in our planet.
DIRECT saving on your light bill, with the bidirectional meter, CFE counts the energy you produce with your solar cells and the subtracts it from your daily consumption.

The solar cells have high durability, up to 25 years.

The solar cells are modular, if your energy consumption requirements increase, we escalate the installation.

Why go Solar?

Solar cells maintenance is very simple and economic, keeping them clean is enough to have an adequate functioning.

The Sun is the most abundant source of renewable energy that reaches our planet.

Our system is connected to the CFE network, avoiding to rely only on the sun for using electricity.
We have de ability to install from large scale projects to residential or commercial projects using the highest quality technology.

The Mexican company with more experience in the solar energy market.

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 Kiin solar

We design and install residential, commercial and industrial photo-voltaic systems, using the world’s highest quality in solar technology.

Our Projects

  • We have projects all over Mexico, more than 1,000 satisfied clients, with more than 75,000 solar cells installed.
  • Our clients are sure that their savings are constant and real, because in Kiin Energy we are still by your side even after your system is already installed.



Wide Experience

No intermediaries

CFE process

Specialized software evaluation

High quality


Qualified staff

Custom solutions

Legal and financial advice

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2. We make a complimentary diagnostic of your electric consumption and help you build a solar project that meets your needs.

3. Our certified personnel will visit you to clarify doubts, measure the required areas and refine the quotation.

4. We deal with the CFE contract and meter switch processes .

5. We install the photovoltaic system and you start saving immediately.

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Corporate headquarters: Parque Tecnológico CIEN, Av. Eugenio Garza Sada 775 Int. 207, Col. Cerro Gordo C.P. 37128 León, Guanajuato, México.